2013 in review: top three lists and the gene finding of the year

Gene of the year. Let’s take a minute to look back at the very busy year of 2013. There were major advances in many areas of epilepsy genetics. First and foremost, massive (and I mean massive) progress has been made in the genetics of the epileptic encephalopathies, where de novo mutations have been identified as a major source of genetic morbidity. Secondly, the new technologies have made it possible to identify several novel genes for various epilepsy types. Out of these genes, we have again selected the most important finding in 2013. And the gene finding of the year is… Continue reading

Looking back at 2012 – The year in epilepsy genetics

Concluding remarks. 2012 was an exciting year in epilepsy genetics with many surprises in the field. During this final post of this year, we would like to look back at our posts of the year, summarizing the post that received the most attention and also summarizing the posts that we didn’t write. Continue reading